First Annual Bassmaster Classic

on May 8, 2018

Cox Fire strides to go above and beyond by fostering a work hard, play hard culture that ensures employees stay healthy, happy and productive. Congrats to Richard, our Tampa Superintendent won the Bassmaster Classic with a 6.3lb bass!

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adminFirst Annual Bassmaster Classic

NFSA Applauds Fire Sprinkler Incentives in Tax Reform

on January 8, 2018

The National Fire Sprinkler Association praised sponsors and co-sponsors for their consistent leadership over the years that ensured fire sprinklers were included in the tax reform legislation passed by the House and Senate.

The Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act has been pushed for years. Fire protection has now been included and overall fire and life safety systems have joined other tax incentives, such as roofing, HVAC and security alarm systems.

“This accomplishment for fire and life safety has been 14 years in the making. To say we are excited is an understatement,” explained Shane Ray, NFSA president. “Our NFSA team goal was to support Congressman Jim Langevin and all Congressional leaders over the years who sponsored and co-sponsored the bi-partisan legislation that was first filed following the tragic Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island that claimed 100 lives in early 2003.”

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adminNFSA Applauds Fire Sprinkler Incentives in Tax Reform

The Benefits of Regular Fire Sprinkler and Alarm System Inspections

on January 4, 2018

With the constant flow of news coverage of loss due to fire, to most, fire sprinkler and alarm system inspections are a clear matter of importance. Some, however, view these inspections as a necessary evil, or worse, a waste of time and resources. Fire sprinkler and alarm inspections can ensure that your system is functioning properly, which ultimately will help save lives in the unfortunate event of a fire. But beyond saving lives, there are many other benefits of regular system inspections.

Building codes and policies are created and in place to ensure the protection of occupants and residents. Fire alarm inspections confirm that your fire warning device meets the standards set by these codes and policies. Many of these same codes and policies are also used by insurance companies for protection against false claims. If your fire system fails to fulfill the standards set by insurance companies, your claims could be denied.

Fire alarm inspections provide proof of a properly functioning system should the need for proof arise. Should injury to occupants due to a fire ever occur, the liability you face will be restricted if you can prove your fire system was functioning properly. If you can’t show proof from a fire alarm inspection that your system was functioning properly, you may be held responsible for injuries sustained.

Faulty systems may also cause false alarms, unnecessarily calling the fire department to your building. Fire alarm inspections can also prevent the occurrence of these false alarms.

Cox Fire Protection has been providing fire alarm inspections in many of Florida’s most iconic facilities for over 30 years. Our inspections department assumes responsibility for letting you know when it’s time for your inspections.  Our team of experienced technicians conducts quarterly, semiannual and annual inspections so that you can be confident that your fire alarm system is functioning as it should.

Cox Fire also provides 24-hour monitoring for your round the clock protection.

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adminThe Benefits of Regular Fire Sprinkler and Alarm System Inspections

Cox Fire installs “game-changing” Victaulic Vortex hybrid mist system at Orlando’s Rosen Hotel

on October 5, 2017


Cox Fire Protection is proud to have been named one of a very select few “Integrators” in the state of Florida for Victaulic Fire Suppression’s cutting-edge Vortex hybrid mist system.  “Through water droplets smaller than white blood cells and a naturally occurring gas – nitrogen, discharged from a single emitter, Victaulic Vortex efficiently absorbs heat and reduces oxygen to extinguish fires,” says Victaulic.  Benefits of this system include “nearly zero wetting of costly equipment, fine furnishings, no costly clean-up or equipment replacements, quick system recharge with minimal downtime, no need for assurance of tight room integrity and a green design that is safe for the environment and personnel.”

Cox Fire’s CEO, Linda Cox, states that “our first and very successful installation of this incredible system was recently completed at Orlando’s Rosen Hotel in the Switch Gear Room.  The opportunities this system presents for owners and builders are complete game-changers.  Cox leadership, including President, Scott Cox, Director of Preconstruction, Shane Rushlo, and Senior Estimator, Joe Furlong, are currently attending a second intensive training series in PA to explore in depth the ways Cox Fire can maximize the benefits of this system to our customer base.”

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adminCox Fire installs “game-changing” Victaulic Vortex hybrid mist system at Orlando’s Rosen Hotel

ABC of Florida announced its endorsement Adam Putnam for governor at its state convention in Marco Island

on July 28, 2017

Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida, representing more than 2,600 companies across the state, is not waiting for the likes of Ron DeSantis, Jack Latvala, and Richard Corcoran to decide on mounting campaigns for governor. ABC of Florida announced its endorsement Adam Putnam for governor tonight at its state convention in Marco Island.

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adminABC of Florida announced its endorsement Adam Putnam for governor at its state convention in Marco Island

Build Tampa Bay Update

on July 26, 2017

An update from Linda Cox regarding the Build Tampa Bay Foundation:

Hello friends of Build Tampa Bay!  As many of you know, our Build Tampa Bay event in April was huge, and surpassed our wildest expectations.  Our event at the Port of Tampa was attended by approximately 900 high school juniors and seniors, as well as a number of dignitaries and celebrities.  Titus O’Neil delivered a straight-talk presentation to the kids, and Governor Rick Scott was in attendance and shared with the kids and their teachers his gratitude in seeing young people and educators interested in investing themselves in the development of the State of Florida’s future.

We’ve been thrilled with the level of support and encouragement we’ve received from Hillsborough County and surrounding county School Boards.  Feedback to us is that Build Tampa Bay is bridging a huge gap that has been in existence in terms of guiding those kids who are not college bound – for whatever reason – into lucrative, productive, professional careers in the construction industry.  We are continuing to look for ways we can reach their parents as well, and intend, through the course of this school year, to attend College and Career Days scheduled by Hillsborough County Schools.  I will be back in touch as we have events scheduled, and if you’d like to participate in small scale events before our next big annual event – we’d love to have you.

Here’s the thrilling news – over the course of last year’s Build Tampa Bay activity, we interviewed at least 113 young people.  52 of those young people were offered jobs, and at this point, 22 have accepted employment!  We are building our own workforce!

Thanks for your support!

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adminBuild Tampa Bay Update